Crash during node Edit? (Omtech / Ruida)

I’m having the same issue! Any resolution?

Is this for your OMtech Laser?

The Laser you’re working with doesn’t appear to be a Fiber/Galvo Laser and I don’t see the same steps being applied to the same files to get to the same behavior.

I’ve taken the liberty of relaunching your question in the Ruida section.

Do you have a crash log or does this stop responding and just ‘Hang’ for a while? If it Hangs for a few minutes and comes back you may be working with a very large or complicated file.

If you’re willing to share the file you were working on, (or some Crash logs) I’ll attempt to repeat the behavior so I can report it.

Please walk me through what you were doing when it crashed.

Hi John,
I apologize, as I did not see this email right away. I do have a crash log on my desktop, I just noticed. I will attach it to this email.

When this happens, it just freezes, then Lightburn completely shuts down. I believe it has happened on 2 separate images at this time. As I begin to adjust the image, it will freeze and shut down. I finally just went straight to the trace mode, to see how well it would trace without the adjustment.
LightBurn_Crash_Log.txt (7.3 KB)

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If it’s not a problem to post the photos, that would help them… If you don’t want them out, send them via pm or to support…


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Thank you for the Crash Log. Are you also willing to share the LightBurn file related to the unwanted behavior? It will go a long way toward improving my understanding of what I’m seeing.

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