Crash on exit. Not a big deal but

I thought I would report this even though it is not a big deal. I use a mac connected to the camera when doing cuts and wirelessly to the network, Ruida controller hardwired to a switch on the home network. If I pull the USB for the camera and shut down Lightburn, it always throws an error upon exit. I usually ignore the error and everything seems fine. I suspect it might have to due with the fact that LB hasn’t released the camera “nicely” before exit although I would be the first to admit something else might be causing the error. Again, this is not a problem, but it might be nice if it didn’t throw the error.

This will very probably be fixed with the next release, as the underlying camera system has been completely rewritten, but I’ll have a look. Thanks for reporting this - I haven’t seen this one before.

I’ve verified that the next release does not crash after a camera pull / shutdown.

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