Crashed before saving

Hi all,
My lightburn crashed before I was able to save a file. I found the autosaved file in my documents folder, but whenever I try to open it (or import), lightburn just crashes. I’m using a mac.
So far I’ve tried installing newest version on a windows pc, same situation, lighburn crashing immediately when trying to open the file.
Any suggestions please?

LightBurn should not crash, so thank you for reporting this. Which version of LightBurn and OS are you using? Share the crash report along with the file that crashes, and we can take a look. If you’d rather not post the file in public, you can email to, and include a link to this post for context. :slight_smile:

Hey Rick, thanks for the quick response.
I’ve emailed the crash report and the autosaved file to the support@.
Also I included a link to this topic as you suggested.

heey, nevermind, I solved it.
Opened the lbrn2 file in a text editor, found a largeass line as a shape, but I have no idea what that was. that took more than 20MB of the file. Deleted everything inbetween those ‘shape’ tags, saved the file and voilá, I’m able to open it again, all my work is there.

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