Crashing program when I start run to engrave

I load a dxf file, similar to other that I engrave today.
I try a lot of times but always crash when I click “start”.
The “frame preview” works fine.
I have the 0.9.11

Thank you for reporting this. LightBurn should not crash. Did you receive any report when this happens? We need to see that, so please forward any reports presented.

OS and version? What version of firmware? What are the contents of the DXF? Vectors only, vectors and image, text?

Please email the offending DXF file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can have the team take a look.

Yes, I already write to developers with the screen.
The dxf is a simple gear. I engrave other gear with different size without problems.

In the optimization settings, turn off “Remove Overlaps”, or go to Edit > Delete Duplicates before running the job. In the last release, if you have Remove Overlaps enabled and it deletes an entire shape, it causes problems later because the Gcode generator doesn’t expect shapes to be empty.

I turn off “Remove Overlaps” and it works!
Thank you!

This bug has already been fixed for the next release, but I figured that would get you going for now. Happy it works for you.

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