Creality CR-10S: Driving my laser from Lightburn via USB?

I’ve just successfully connected up my Endurance 10W laser to my Creality CR-10S 3d printer. I’ve printed fine by saving the gcode to the SD card, but I can’t seem to get the USB to connect to the machine so that I can drive the head, home it, fire the laser, etc. I’ve got the baud rate set at 115,200, but don’t know what else to change. Any help is appreciated!

Which version of the software are you using? There’s a “soft-release” announcement from today that fixes a bunch of issues with Arduino-style boards. Look for 0.9.02 and try that if you’re using 0.9.00 or 01.

That might solve it. I’m downloading it now and will see what happens. Thanks!

Yep, that took care of it! I’m controlling it now from the computer with USB. Thanks again!

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