Creality CR-10S Pro with Endurance 10W laser

I’ve got a new Creality CR-10S Pro 3D printer and I’ve attached my 10watt Endurance laser to it using the fan port. I’m not able to get the TTL output working. The laser just turns on to full power and the fire button doesn’t do anything. Does anyone have experience using this printer with a laser? It uses Marlin firmware.

Are you connected to fan 0, or a different one? You can use the Tool Index number to change that. You can also choose which type of power setting to send, depending on the configuration of your machine:


The M106 / M107 are the older style, and M3 / M5 are newer.

The label on the Circuit board just says FAN. One picture I found on the internet of the CB labels it as “Uncontrolled Fan”.

“Uncontrolled Fan” would be your issue. It is just a 5V or 12V DC output. It is not controllable via a PWM signal, so it will just fire your laser at 100%. You need to find the PWM Fan connector on the board, and connect the laser to that port.

I was wondering if that might be my issue. I’ll have a look at the PCB and see if there is another option.

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Searching around on the internet, it looks like the D11 pins on the PCB are a PWM output, ground, and +5v. I’ve connected to the PWM and ground, but with no luck yet. I wonder if I need to turn something on in the code? It has Marlin firmware, not GRBL. I’m not sure how to tweak it.

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