Creality Falcon 2 40W laser - which version of LightBurn do I need to run it?

Just ordered the Creality Falcon 2 40W laser. What version of Lightburn do I need to connect to it? I do not know the type of controller inside it. I assume the exiting Falcon 2’s with 22W use the same software. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I have the Creality CR-Laser Falcon (the first one, 10 W), and on the memory card they provide, there was some files. Under Software > LightBurn, there was a version of LB (obsolete, just download the latest version from here), a PDF file with instructions, and a CR-Laser Falcon.lbdev file which, if I recall correctly, you can load into LB to get the proper settings for this hardware.
I guess you must have something similar for your model.
And most of these files can be downloaded from the Creality site too.

Thanks! I don’t have the laser yet, so I guess I will see what’s on the memory card when I get it!


You’ll need a GCode License. Download the Free Trial after the laser arrives.

That would be a handy file to have. :+1:

Thank you!!!

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