Creality Falcon laser doesn't respond to anything

I always have issues with this damn laser and this damn software - sometimes it wants to work, others it doesn’t. This laser is a Creality Falcon 10W running GBRL, I have a MacBook. Lightburn says it’s connected but the laser does nothing when pushing any buttons. I’ve restarted both the laser and computer a bunch of times and nothing works. When I push the circle button on the laser, it just beeps and turns on with the red light for a few seconds before going to sleep again. The green light only turns on for a second and leaves. It doesn’t move at all anymore. Please help!!

Hi Alexia, sorry to hear you’re having issues.

I pulled up the manual for the Creality laser falcon here: LINK

By your description you may be in the 3rd error state - but it’s not an exact match to the symptoms you described.

When you first turn on the laser with the USB cable disconnected, does the laser move to one of the corners? (This is called homing, the laser will go touch the ends of travel or a limit switch to reference it’s position)

Other things to try:

  • Check if the red button (if there is one) is pressed, rotate to release.
  • Try a new SD-Card.