Creality Rotatory Not Working

I know there may be lots of solutions but I just cant find any…
The issue is:
I have an Atomstack Maker a10 v2 and I bought a Creality Rotatory, I made everything the manual says about the instalation but my rotatory doesn’t seem to work properly, I wanna know if i’m making some mistakes or this problem comes from the motor itself.
Video of what it does when I use Y axis

My Atezr did that once and I think it was a loose belt. There should be a slotted tension adjustment.

my Creality rotary (Chuck type) too have similiar problem. The head moves to the extreme right end of the X axis and hits the frame. Then it slips belts very roughly once it hits, as it still tries to move ahead (no end-stop on extreme right edge I guess).

The head does move fine to navigated locations, using the ‘move’ window.

Is the error because of not setting bounds ?