Create a Star shape with the opposite arms level

I can make a star by manipulating a pentagon shape, converting tp path, adding center nodes and then pulling in the pentagon corners to another inset but not a path pentagon. But the star arms are not on the same line across from one side to the other. I’m sure I can play around with the size of the inset pentagon, but is there an easier way?


The results from my test indicate that either I don’t understand your position or you are experiencing an optical illusion that I do not.

This image is taken from Inkscape. The line running horizontally is a guide, a feature that comes in handy for circumstances of this sort. As you can see, the star tips are both on the line.

The bottom tips also present the same alignment, in the original image.

Fred you are right about the tips. I have no problem with that. My problem is with the arms themselves going from the tip to the body. They need to be horizontal, matching that line you put in, not just the tips.

I have a way to do it but it requires many more steps. Thank you for giving me your input.

It’s easy enough to do in inkscape. Make it there and copy/paste in to LB.

Here is a Lightburn file with stars that contain 5,6,8,9,10, and 12 points. The T2 layer helps when scaling and stretching. They are all sized at 1" diameter. It looks like you are wanting the top and bottom to be horizontal. The attached are not, but a good reference for making stars with specific angles.

Hi, made this star using a triangle and circular array tool. maybe it will suit your needs its resizable and stuff.

star for guy.lbrn (14.3 KB)

Here’s a quick video on making a star using the polygon tool in LightBurn:

Hope it helps. Learned something new today :slightly_smiling_face:.



Good tutorial and useful, but I had to rewind and stop so I knew what that last step was. It blew by too quickly and it (to me anyway) was not intuitive that you would use the offset tool to eliminate the inside vectors! :thinking:

This is set to ‘Delete the Original’ On (green) and zero for the ‘Offset Distance’.

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Thanks, Rick. Yeah, I got that (after I rewound and paused), but the thing that perplexed me was that this was even the tool to use for this operation. I would have been looking for some kind of vector trim tool or some such. Now I can see, sure, create an offset from the outside of the whole shape, with a 0 offset and delete the original. Makes sense… kinda. My head was also stuck on the ‘Round’ corner selection. I guess this is why youse guys are here to guide us confused souls out of the wilderness! :grin:

Ah, like most things…more than one way. You could use the Trim tool in Node Edit mode as well, sure. The rounded corner style is not really an issue, I could have picked a different corner style. All good! :slight_smile:

Very few people know this, but the “Weld” tool in LightBurn is actually just using the offset tool with 0 distance. I discovered it by accident one day and thought, “that’s useful!” and made it a whole feature.

I occasionally make controller boxes using the box generator site ( If you use the “burn” option it ends up creating small loops on the inside corners, and using weld (or the offset trick) will trim those away too.

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Am i missing something here Oz?
Trying to remove the little bits from a box generated from and each time I hit ‘OK’ it removes the box. Should it be dropped/broken or something?

Sorry, I only just saw this. Is the box all connected shapes? (after importing, they often need to be joined with Alt+J / Auto-Join).