Create array of multiple objects

Can I use the function “create an array of the selecte objects” to arrange existing objects in an array? E.g. starting with this:

Currently I have to arrange the Letters manually: put M on 0,0 -> put L on 100,0 and so on. Abovemebtioned functioned could spread out the M in my desired pattern but can Lightburn also do this if I select all 12 images?

So not sure if this is what you are wanting or asking, but select everything and try these options.

LightBurn doesn’t do 2D layout of multiple objects like that, but it can do align left / right, and distribute, so you could select all the left items, align them, select the right, align them, then select one horizontal row at a time and use “distribute horizontally” to do it.

I am using a mix pof both now, thank you.
I know only position the 4 corner images and align/distribute the remaining ones as you described. Not perfect but a bit faster than typing 12 sets of ccordinates.

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