Create dashed line (Railway Track Graphic)

What is the best way to create the following effect.
Its basically 2 parallel lines with filled in segments at regular intervals. The filled in segment could be a normal fill or grayscale.
The image below shows something similar and is a small piece of the full length.


Can this be done in LightBurn?
Or if using Inkscape what is best way to do this, ready for import to LightBurn.


Someone may come up with a cleaner faster method, but in Inkscape your objective may be possible. I picture a single stroke with a width appropriate to the outer parallel lines. Convert stroke to path. Alternatively, a rectangle of sufficient length would accomplish the preliminary shape. This is also possible in LightBurn, of course.

Inkscape: create line centered in primary shape, set to dashes, convert stroke to path, subtract from primary shape.

LightBurn: create internal rectangle, use rectangular array to produce extended shape, subtract from primary shape.

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