Create Grid Array: Spacing and Column Shift Fields do not Allow for Double Digit Input


Cannot type, for example, 12. I actually needed this to be 59.375. Same limitation applies to shift fields.

I am able to type 9.99 and increment to 10 (but that is a long way from 15, 20, 30…59.375):


I even tried to copy and paste the value I needed in there (without success). It may also be worth noting that although the columns and rows fields allow for double digit input, they do not allow for three or more digits (but they too allow increment beyond the direct input limitation - in this case 100 from 99).

You need 59.375 inch spacing? How large is your machine?

For this drawing, yes (but my machine is only 24 x 36). I needed to draw a representation of the skeletal structure of what I am building to accurately begin drawing the interior parts. It wasn’t a show stopper for what I was doing. But I did want to mention it because no double digit entry works in those fields (not even 1X, 2X). And there may be even more of a chance for someone to need three digit input on columns or rows.

I’ve increased the limits from 1 meter to 3 meters (3 feet to 9 feet).

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