Create project XCS how import LB

I am using lightburn and need to import a few files I made using XCS. Does anyone know how I can get my projects from XCS to LB? I understand I wont have cuts and such. I am trying to get projects on ETSY and XCS seems to linmit who and what kind software can import items made using XCS. Thoughts?

doesnt anyone know this

This is my understanding as well.

I am under the impression that XCS is intended to be a proprietary platform. I took a moment with their terms of service document at the foot of their website.

xTool retains rights to ‘derivative works’ (the art or intellectual property built in their software) and it “shall be shared between xTool and the users”. If they own a share in the art it may be the case that export will not be permitted.

Section 9 states that the derivative works are to be shared with xTool and it’s users.
Section 13k seems to state that I should not tinker with their files.

xTool has a vibrant community on Facebook. Hopefully they have better news for you.

Seems to me that XCS has no export capability. So xTool don’t intend or haven’t prioritized the ability to share designs from XCS to other programs. This isn’t entirely uncommon with proprietary tools made by the machine manufacturer.

This would leave direct import of XCS native format. After a quick look it looks to be a JSON formatted file in a scheme I’m not familiar with. Assume it’s proprietary but not certain. It’s readable but if it’s not based on a standard it’s unlikely any program would be able to directly import that file, and certainly not LightBurn.

I don’t think IP rights are a concern in this case. I didn’t get any indication that xTool was claiming rights to all works created in XCS. That would be a nightmare for users and for them I would think based on backlash.

In any case, unless someone builds a .XCS to SVG or other converter you’re probably best off recreating the designs in LightBurn. XCS doesn’t seem like it would be conducive for very elaborate designs in any case.