Created with, for, and by Lightburn xD

So I wanted to mess with CoreXY in Marlin and having had success with Lightburn on the K40 running Marlin I figured what the hell, why not? I found one on Thinigiverse, and decided to upsize it. Well, then nothing worked. So with Fusion and Lightburn I re-made all but a few parts out of 3mm MDF just to test and try and fit. I can probably ship my Lightburn file off to get them cut or milled too. :smiley:

Getting started:

Letter paper for size comparison:

The result is with the kids now to be colored in for their mother. :slight_smile:

That’s surprisingly quick. I’ve had the itch to make a low-profile laser, with a larger area than a K40, but similar power, mostly just to do it, and use it as a controller testbed. Every time Adam shows off one of his new creations, or I see something like this, it gets worse…


I’m still amazed it works. I like the idea of being able to pick it up and hang it on a wall when I don’t need it, and also the ability to take it elsewhere. One practical example is to use it for marking plans onto wood. :slight_smile: I don’t have to try to square my lines or print a bunch of sheets and glue them together, just plop this bad-boy on there and let it draw.

The size I went with is really “Cut as little of the 2020 as possible in case this doesn’t work” and that led me to something around 800X800.

Don’t ask how the servo works xD