Creating a cut library and Camera reload settings

A couple of reasonable requests ( I hope)

  1. A generic cut library for different laser tube powers maybe one color(text) when installed and then marked or changed to a different color when modified and saved.

  2. I have 2 lasers with cameras they are always losing their settings or alignment ( it could have something to do Langmuir Plasma screwing up my USB- not sure), is there a function that you can create where I stick a board in one of the corner of my laser (after setting up the camera) that you can then put a target and write the settings on this piece of wood so that later when it moves( camera alignment) I can stick the board in the corner and ask light to re-read the settings from it and the position of the target to correct and realign the laser to the camera. I hope Im not being unreasonable with my request. Merry Christmas to you and the crew. ( you have done a great Job this year)

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