Creating a design for screen printing

Can you create a design in Lightburn that could be saved and converted to a file type that could then be screen printed? I have only used it to design and save RD files to engrave. However, I need a last minute design created to be screen printed.

I suppose that depends on what file type you need for screen printing. ??
Lightburn can export to SVG, AI, and DXF. Do any of those work for you?

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I can’t recall where I saw it, but your request might be resolved by removing the “middleman.” The article I read suggests to build your frame for silk screening using metal window screen mesh or similar mesh with a high wire count. I’ve found 50 micron filter mesh for a reasonable price.

When the frame is made, spray it with paint and let it dry. Spray light coats and stop when you can’t see light through the mesh.

Laser your design on the mesh using low power and high speed. Testing is indicated. Too much power will burn through the mesh. Multiple low power keeps the temperature down.

Just a thought.

I’ve done some screen printing with the photo resist method and also done some by applying a vinyl mask to the screen. (cut with a drag knife, not laser)

Lasering paint out of a fine mesh metal screen is an interesting idea. I’ll have to have a go at that some time.

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