Creating a lithopane

Can lightburn create a lithopane?

If you’re asking if LightBurn has any specific ability to control engraving at specific depths then the answer is no. There’s nothing currently like that.

The design model is strictly 2D at this point with accommodation for z-height for material height adjustments and multi-pass z-adjustment.

[EDIT] Apparently you can do what’s called relief engraving using LightBurn but you need to setup the image outside of LightBurn to do this. Not sure if this is a suitable alternative to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thanks, I saw some laser etched Lithopanes online but they never mentioned any software. I’ve created them on CNC mill and with a 3D printer. The CNC is very nice but very time comsuming. 3D is easier but not as detailed. The laser etched i saw rivaled the CNC. I wished Lightburn would spend the time to pursue this line of laser modeling

LightBurn does a great job, it’s called grayscale.

Looking up how to create height map, relief map or use grayscale to create the lithopane

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