Creating a pattern of rectangles

I am trying to create a pattern of 1 mm squares spaced approximately 1 mm apart in both the X and Y direction. The array will need to be about 25 mm by 70 mm in size.

I am modeling a building in wood and want to burn square windows on the side in a rectangular pattern. Fushion 360 allows me to create such a pattern but it would be easier to create the sides in Lightburn if I could also do the windows in a separate layer.Rectangular windows in an array

I may not be fully understanding, but I would use the Grid / Array tool to create these window treatments. :wink:

This is worth review, Grid Array Tool.

Just goofing around. Grid Array and a couple rectangles welded together.

One practical consideration for this is that 1 mm squares separated 1 mm apart in a grid will be absolutely tiny, especially if you’re engraving on wood. You’re likely to lose much definition at that scale depending on equipment and specific material used.

I did a 1x1.5mm offset rectangle for a guy. He loved it. It was bricks for a HO scale train model he’s building.

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Nice. What material did you engrave onto? Don’t suppose you have a pic?

I put it on 1/32 modeling plywood. Here is a picture of the practice piece.

Thanks. Will look at that process. I am not sure the dots will show up but I can adjust the scale slightly or add some lines to represent the building facade. Just didn’t want to put the feature together one square at a time.

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