Creating file in Adobe Illustrator but only part image is showing in Lightburn

I’m sure this is a simple problem but I’ve not quite reached ‘simple’ in terms of using Adobe and Lightburn yet. So, I have created an image in Illustrator I would like to burn to some ply using my hobby Ortur. The problem is when I open the saved .svg from illustrator I’m missing the text created in Adobe.
I’m new to both software so no doubt a schoolboy error. Would you kind people be able to help?

Did you “create outlines” of the text in AI before exporting? That might help.

Thankyou Patrick that has got the text in lightburn. The next issue is the selection boxes all showing in lightburn but not in illustrator. I have flattened the image, but lightburn seems to see the seperate components making my logo. Here is my file for reference.

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