Creating Horizontal Lines

How do i create a horizontal or vertical lines or check that a line is horizontal or vertical in LB?


use the line tool… hold shift while drawing. :slight_smile:

Hey Bob,

I hope you do make a lot of progress with your nice machine so far! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use “Draw Lines” to start anywhere you want and then hold the shift key to get lines in any 45° angle you would like. Try it out, it’s very handy.


Thank you Brian and Bjorn,

I am still playing around with LB, waiting on my daughter to create some items to create. Currently working on a monogram with my last name. Seemd like a fun project to create.
Will post when presentable. :blush:

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Also you can draw a primitive shape (rectangle) and break it apart. You can also use these shapes as reference for alignment and two point pivots (ctrl+2 on windows) when you want to “level” objects on a common plane.