Creating Layers

Answering this will depend on the format of the original artwork. If you can export from the origin software as vectors (.ai, .pdf, .hpgl, .plt, .rd, .svg, .lbrn format), you can import this into LightBurn, un-group and then select desired component(s), then select a layer color from the palette on the bottom to assign it to a particular layer. Double-click that layer in the ‘Cuts’ window to adjust the cut settings for that layer.

Note: LightBurn recently re-named “Cut, Scan and Scan+Cut” to “Line, Fill and Fill+Line” for new-user clarity. Some training content and documentation has yet to be edited, but we are working to get them all updated.

If the artwork is a bitmap image, you can use the ‘Image Trace’ feature to provide outlines for further processing. You will need to ungroup the results to edit away unwanted duplicates to just get your outline cuts, so this is a little more involved.

General usage resources can be found in the post below and there is a LightBurn youtube channel with additional tutorials to help. As @fred_dot_u asked, specifics when asking a follow on questions will help you get detailed instructions to accomplish a specific task. :slight_smile: