Creating Name Plates and Such

I’m a thinking of offering the service of creating name plates for plaques and such. I have a 50w CO2 and Fiber laser to use.

Can my CO2 cut this stuff?

Brass Sheets

Or maybe this stuff

Other Material

Maybe just buy it already cut?

Pre-Cut Stuff

What materials are you all using to do this type of work if you care to share?

Co2 is not for direct metal use… if you wish to do that, you need something like LBT100 or Cermark … that you can lase onto the surface.

The acrylic, yes…

Brass plates, again, not with a co2 directly.

Both metals can be done with the fiber and it might to some extent work with acrylic, but fiber isn’t usually good with acrylic…

I made these from ACE hardware brass sheets and cut them with the fiber.


Thanks Mister J

I may just go the pre-cut stuff off of Amazon, and either mark it, or engrave it with the Fiber. I prefer to do work on my Fiber because I can see exactly where and what is going to be burned/engraved -vs- my CO2.

Or, do this method with plastic

Bearded Guy

Pre-cut would be the most simple.

With the fiber you can bolt down a scrap piece of sheet metal and engrave a depression for part registration…


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