Creating of the templates

Dear all,

I want to ask u how u are preparing your templates, please? I am trying to do it in Lightburn - circles and similar shapes but it is too difficult.

Is there any way how to work with the geometry directly in Lightburn, or any SW for that? If there will be chance to use the potential of Ipad pro with pencil, it will be awesome.

Thank you.

LightBurn has a variety of tools to build geometric primitives as well as lines and curves. It also has tools for text and the ability to transform text and shapes in various ways. However, there is no free-form pen tool at the moment.

If you have more specific needs you can build your designs in an outside application including those on iPad and import those designs into LightBurn.

LightBurn can import a wide variety of the most common vector and raster file formats (e.g. AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PNG, JPG, TIFF…)

Take a look at this older topic for specifics:
What files does lightburn read? - LightBurn Software - LightBurn Software Forum


I know that I can import many files, asking about the software, mostly for the geometric.

I am trying to do “moons” not in the full moon state, but in the Layburt I am not ale to get some result from two circels inside for example. :confused:

I’m not sure if I’ve fully understood you but you can create many different designs right within LightBurn. The key is in learning the various individual tools and combining them in ways to allow your creative vision to be realized. There’s really no shortcut in that regard unfortunately. You’ll have to really just explore, practice, and watch tutorials.

Is this the type of moon you had in mind?

This was exactly what I am tried to found, many thanks to your support!

And if you have more shapes where you need to use the “Boolean Difference”?

And sometimes I need really correct size, line and angle, can Lightburn helps here also?

Thank you.

LightBurn allows for very precise control of position, size, and rotation. I don’t believe you can directly define an angle between two lines but there are methods you can use to get a specific angle if required.

Read through this section of the documentation to understand these controls:
Numeric Edits - size, position, orientation - LightBurn Software Documentation

The alignment toolbar is very useful in changing the relative position of objects:
Arrangement Toolbar - LightBurn Software Documentation

You can review all the modifier tools which include the boolean operations here. These are very powerful but can be unintuitive at times. It’s valuable to understand at least what these can do for you:
Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

I suggest you experiment with these to create your own designs. If there is a specific problem you’re having where you are trying to accomplish something but cannot, post a question to the forum for guidance and someone has likely run into something similar.

Have fun with your designs!