Critical Safety Issue

The ‘Frame’ feature in the Material Test Generator uses the laser power setting
from the Laser Panel tab rather than a safe value.

When framing the laser should be at the lowest safe level or off as the operator will be
looking at the work to see if the position of the design is correct.

As the Laser Panel power setting can be accidently left high then this is dangerous!!

The frame power setting should have a configurable fixed upper limit that defaults to a very low value.

The ‘Fire’ value in the Move window is what it’s supposed to use, and that setting is specifically for framing and focusing the laser. It defaults to zero, and is supposed to be set by the user to a safe value for framing. What was it set to?

Note that this ONLY happens if you have told LightBurn that you want it to always turn on the laser for framing, which you have to enable in the settings window. Otherwise it just moves the laser head around the frame.

This is generating a lot of interest. We take safety very seriously.

I’d like to know more about your engraver so we can reproduce the behaviour in testing.

In the Console Window when you’re connected to your laser engraver, please request the following reports by typing:
Please Copy and Paste those reports into a reply here.

I’m trying to work out what setting you’re referring to but I can’t make out what this might be. Can you take a screenshot or elaborate?

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