Crooked preview

I am laying my artwork out perfectly squarely on my art canvas but when I preview the image it shows it sitting crooked and it engraved crooked as well

Doesn’t seem to matter what sort of file I import (I have tried .ai / bmp / dxf ). I am running lightburn on my Mac computer. I had no problems with this until last night.

Any help appreciated!!

You have probably the “Print and Cut” feature enabled? See if anything is highlighted under “Tools/Print and Cut” and disable it.

Or if I misunderstood your question and you are deliberately using the “Print and Cut” feature than check if everything is okay with your alignment laser.

@BrianF84 Oh my goodness I bet that is totally it!!! I was using the print and cut for the last job before it started doing this. Thank you thank you!!!

The software does tell you - in fact, if you look, you can see it peeking out here:

The ‘Ready’ indicator on your screen will say ‘Ready (Print & Cut)’

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