Crop a pattern to a shape in Lightburn

I’ve created a repeating pattern in Lightburn and I want to cut this out on multiple size shapes, is there a way I can crop the pattern to a shape.
I know I can do this with an image but is there any way to do this with a pattern like attached?

Depending on your specific needs there are 2 major strategies that could work:

  1. boolean operations - Modifier Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation
  2. cut shapes tool - Cut Shapes Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

Here’s a small demo for what @berainlb nicely suggests.
Note that boolean subtraction provides a fine framework where the other 2 options do not.
All forms are of course possible, the important thing is to find the right selection order of the subjects.

Oh wow, I am so glad I asked this question, it’s saved me so much time. Lightburn does so much that your don’t know.
Thank you

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