Crop work area?

Is it possible to crop the work area of a file or setup? I am having a hard time getting the PDF or SVG exports from Adobe AI to not include a bunch of other extra, uneeded art.

Instead of having the laser machine run into the side of the wall I am wondering can I just crop a work area in Lightburn and have the laser only do work inside of that crop?

Anything like this if these aren’t the right search terms?


It’s planned, but doesn’t exist yet. My best suggestion for you is to see if Illustrator has a proper crop feature that you could use before exporting for LightBurn.

Wouldn’t a simple shape and boolean subtract do the trick and crop the svg?

Only if all the shapes are closed.

Worth a try. I am pretty sure borders are continues lines and closed shapes.
this is svg of the world cut using boolean.

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