Cropping vector aroud a shape

Do you know a faster way to remove the content outside the red square? Now I am using ”Edit node- Insert node, Breake Shape and delete” functions - but it take forever.

Assuming that you’re only dealing with closed shapes then:

  1. Group all content outside of the red rectangle
  2. Select red rectangle and grouped content
  3. Tools->Boolean Intersection

Hello, thanks for the steps - unfortunately it does not work for the shape above - it is maybe to complex to be procesed by Lightburn- I did chech for open shapes - used close path for all as well. But the Bool tools are still not available.

Please share the file you are having this issue and we can take a closer look. :slight_smile:

Is this an Image or a set of vectors? That will make a difference in how you intend to process what’s on the screen.

Look at this in the online documentation if it’s an image:

Look at this YouTube video if it’s all vector:

Given the OP’s original wording, I believe they are talking about vector art. Yet, worth confirming. :slight_smile:

Understood. But if they confirm it’s an image that hasn’t yet been traced… :slight_smile:

Hello Steven,
It is a vector set. Thank you for the video help. I have done the crop manualy Edit node- Insert node, Breake Shape and delete” functions for this one, but I wanted to know for further references.

If you can upload the .lbrn file I can review to understand what prevented my method from working.

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