Crosshair does not turn on (software issue or broken?)

Hey everyone, I’ve got an issue with the red crosshairs on my xtool d1 laser. I haven’t been able to find anything about this on the lightburn forum or searching the internet. The crosshairs went off during an engraving and after it didn’t come back on. I’ve turned the laser off and back on a few times and hit the rest button. I’ve tried running a small project that I know worked and searching the setting in the software. So now I’m trying to find out if this is a case of something is broken on my laser or is there a software fix I can try. I know there is a “command entry” on the console tab, Is there a command I can type in to test? I do know about the option under the device setting to turn the laser offset on and off but that did nothing for the problem. Thanks for the help.

Might just be a loose connection or broken wire. Use a multi-tester (assume you own one) and check for continuity.

There’re also devices available that help you locate specifically where the break is at. Search for “wire tracer” on places like Amazon. Won’t help you in the immediate predicament but worth having in your tool box.

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