Crosshatch Technique

I split the image into 4 greys (excluding white) using image trace, stacked them and set them to fill with a 0.7mm line interval. Each progressively dark layer has a different scan angle which forms the pattern (-45, 45, 90, 0).

layer view


Me, being from the print world, I can identify with using different angles for different tones of CMYK!

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It looks fine. I also like to use the 45 degree crosshatch a lot, it can be used for many effects. But with too much power, the “diamonds” can break off, a little experimentation is required.

Wow, that looks amazing! The use of different scan angles to form a pattern is really creative. Can you tell me more about the process you used to create this image?

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Thank you!! Sure thing! Which bit would you like to know more about?

I am trying to figure out this software. I have created a file but it tells me that it will take 30 to burn. Can someone look at it and help me reduce the time it takes? I need to do 90 of these. Will the crosshatch help?

Ron’s Engraving LogoCOASTE.lbrn2 (255.7 KB)

Looking at this file, I see you have several layers set the same, which I moved to a single (black) layer. You may be able to collapse all art to a single layer, then set that layer to ‘Fill all shapes at once’, to bring the time down.

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how do i do what you did. i am new at this.

thank you for your help!

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In LightBurn, with something selected, you click a color from the bottom palette to assign that selection to that colored layer. To help in learning LightBurn, we have the following documentation worth review: