CSV empty line possible?


in LB I am using the CSV Sheet variable text. This means my row is looking like %0 (Offset: 0) ; %0 (Offset: 1) etc.

Now I thought about putting something in my CSV to get a blank line. But if I leave the line in my CSV blank, LB will ignore this and go on to the next line to fill the info which is supposed to be empty.
Putting an komma at this row, or a komma followed by other charakters, it will tell me there is a fault in the file at this line.

Is there any way to declare a line in my CSV as “empty, go offset +1” ?

Put in a line with just the same number of commas that are in the other lines, but with no content between the fields of the commas.

The result should be a blank line in LightBurn.

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