CSV file not reading in 0.9.09

I have a issue after updating, I have been using the Variable text feature and after the update Merge/CSV function no longer works. The time and date, and the serial number seems to work. When loading the file it says can not load the CSV file. When I clear and try to reload the CSV file it doesn’t show up in the CSV file list. I uninstalled the update and reinstalled Version .07 and everything is back to working.

Can you email the CSV in question to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com and include a link to this post? The CSV parser was changed to deal with quoted strings containing commas, so there might be something about your file that’s messing it up. Single quote marks might confuse it, because it would be looking for a closing quote - if you want a single quote mark to appear, you need to double it it, like this: “” Could that be it?

CSV File sent Thank You.

After the Update the Merge/CSV function is working, Thank you for the fix and update.

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