Ctrl + Y not working

Hi, ive read some posts, but i cant seem to find the answer im looking for.

I use CTRL + Z and CTRL Y in all my sofware on my windows laptop, to go back or forward through processes.

In lightburn, I can go back with CTRL + Z, but the CTRL + Y, go forward does not work.

Ive lost alot of work as this did not happen, so wondering what is going wrong?

Win10 Pro, Lightburn 1.0.01


Before you get a snarky answer like…read the manual….redo is control shift Z……but it is right in the manual under hot keys.


  • Undo Ctrl + Z
  • Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
  • Select All Ctrl + A
  • Invert Selection Ctrl +Shift + I
  • Cut Ctrl + X
  • Copy Ctrl + C
  • Duplicate Ctrl + D
  • Paste Ctrl + V
  • Paste in place Alt + V
  • Convert to Path Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Convert to Bitmap Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Close Path Alt + C
  • Auto Join Alt + J
  • Optimize Alt + O
  • Delete Duplicates Alt + D
  • Convert to Cut Ctrl + Shift + C

fair enough, thanks for the reply, it was the SHIFT bit I missed, thanks again

Ahhh…I was irritated too as I am used to Photoshop and ctrl Y as well…then I saw it the manual…duhhh on me as well…

You don’t even have to read the manual - Shortcut keys are displayed next to their corresponding menu items in almost all cases:



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