¿Cuáles son los parámetros para que mi grabado en laser no se desfase en el eje rotatorio de una sculpfun s9? (What are the parameters so that my laser engraving does not shift in the rotary axis of a sculpfun s9?)

Hola, tengo un problema, cada ves que quiero hacer un grabado con rotación en algo cilíndrico en la segunda pasada se empieza a desfasar y no se que hacer.

Hello, I have a problem, every time I want to make an engraving with rotation in something cylindrical in the second pass it starts to go out of phase and I don’t know what to do.

You should avoid using multiple passes on round objects. They tend to slip a lot. Adjust the settings to do just one pass.
You can reduce the acceleration for the axis you are using (y usually) to for example 50mm/sec², which helps a bit. And only use slow movements. Adding weight into the opbject also helps.

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Hola, pero se puede perforar la capa de pintura de un termo de una sola pasada para que el grabado quede completamente del acero del termo?

Hello, but can the paint layer of a thermos be perforated in a single pass so that the engraving remains completely on the steel of the thermos?

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The Material Test Generator will allow you to develop the best single-pass settings for your thermos.

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Sure, just increase the power or lower the speed. Maybe read here how these two are aligned with each other: Settings guide - Diode Laser Wiki