Cubiio 2 origin setting

I was excited to see the Cubiio2 show up when I upgraded today in the laser list, and was able to connect to it by creating it manually, selecting cubiio, then exporting the file, adding in the ip to the ‘info’ portion, and reimporting. Now I can control the move portion of my cubbio2 over wifi which is super cool.

When I hit ‘home’ I see the cubiio 2 home to the back right, which seems fine…but the origin that is set is the front left…so any moves I try to do result in a bad grind as the laser seems to think its in the front left when it’s in fact in the back right

I tried to set the origin to the back right but the UI is greyed out in every attempt to get to it. Any tricks to getting the origin set to the back right?

On some devices, Home and Origin aren’t the same place.

On the startup sequence the $H ‘go home’ command is issued without direction and the device goes home based on internal or Machine Settings.

If the Origin is set incorrectly for the engraver in LightBurn the behavior you’re describing shows up.

It’s a good idea to close any projects you might be working on and open a new blank project. Moving the Origin will invert artwork in the direction the Origin is moved. Current versions of LightBurn will correct this inversion when projects are opened but not correct a project while moving the origin.

The fast way to set the Origin correctly is to open the Move window in LightBurn and test the four Jog arrows ( Up Down Left Right ) to confirm which ones are reversed. Before testing, set the move distance down to 20mm and speed down to 1000mm/minute. Working with small engravers in mm/second or inches per second is a path to despair.

If Up and Down are reversed, move the Origin to the vertically opposite corner on your screen.

If Left and Right are reversed, move the Origin to the horizontally opposite corner on your screen.

To move the Origin, click Edit, then click Device Settings and select the correct corner for the Origin. Be sure to click OK when done - it’s easy to overlook.

Retest the jog arrows to confirm the behavior.

I think your solution is indeed the one we need, but the button to change the origin in de machine settings is grayed out, I can’t change it.
Thanks a lot for the help so far

You may need to apply an offset. Not having this machine in front of me means that I can not see what you’re seeing.

@jnesselr is our Cubiio champion. He may already know what settings are needed.

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