Cubiio 2 won't start engraving

Hello. I was able to connect Cubiio 2 to Lightburn, but when I press start, the laser goes to it’s engraving start point, makes 2 beeps and returns back home. After that it won’t do anything else, just makes 5 beeps if any command is given. After restarting, it goes back to normal, but again, if I ask it to start engraving, it does the same thing, goes to the engraving start point, gives out 2 beeps and goes back home. What is happening? How do I fix this?

This can mean a lot of things. With the USB cable unplugged, launch Lightburn and check the Show all button in the Console Window. Then connect the laser and power it up.

A bunch of text will show in the Console window. Copy that text and paste it in a Reply.

Hopefully, this will tell us what kind of controller you have.

Cubiio 2 connects through WPS and has no connecting cables, and nothing appears on console window. But strangely today everything works, without any problems! Thank you for your reply, it fixed itself :slight_smile:


I found the problem, if some one has the same problem. It doesn’t like if you make Material thickness some thing else besides 0 mm.

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