Cubiio2 gcode profile

I am a new user of the Cubiio2 and really like lightburn (even though I cannot connect directly to the Cubiio2 - it has a wifi connection only, not via usb). The created Gcode for the Marlin profile is almost 100% directly usable there is only one thing that would need to be changed and it would be great if the Lightburn team could provide a cubiio2 profile.

Below is an example of a Marlin created gcode of a square:


; Cut @ 300 mm/min, 100% power
G0X10 Y7.5 F0
; Layer C01
M03 P100 S255
G1 Y23.5 F300
G1 Y7.5

This code works fine, there is only a very minor tweak to be made;
Remove the F0 from the first command where the laser moves to the starting position so

instead of
G0X10 Y7.5 F0
change to
G0X10 Y7.5

The second bit (which is not really important) is the
command (Fan off for Marlin).
It is ignored by Cubiio2 as its Fan is controlled by software.

So this simply change of removing F0 from the Gcode is enough (Cubiio2 actually works also with this command, it just pauses about 5 seconds before it starts here.

As the cubiio is a autofocus machine currenlty it would be great if the depth could be controlled if there are multiple passes, but here I am not sure if this is controlled by a gcode (I try to find out from the cubiio2 team).

Thanks and cheers

The ‘F0’ is your ‘Fast whitespace speed’. Change that to a proper speed in Edit > Device settings and that should help.

Great that works. Now cubiio2 works out of the box. Thanks Oz.

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