Curious about top speed

This is a bit of a “fun” question but I’m genuinely curious. How fast have you gotten your ruida-based machines to go? I just adjusted my X/Y max speed to 800mm/s via the machine settings tab and it seems like the machine handles it without missed steps, but I’m curious whether I’ll be able to maintain that through a big scan.

To be clear: I know that you can specify an arbitrarily big number as your movement speed and the Ruida will top off at its max speed. What I’m saying is I’ve actually told the Ruida its max speed is 800, and the machine is now hauling buns as opposed to going the 300mm/s max speed it ships from the factory with.

I have a 60W red/black 7050.

My Thunder Laser Nova 24 will go 1000 mm/sec (with accuracy). I suspect it’ll go faster, but haven’t tried. At least one vendor has a platform that will run 2M/sec on a Ruida.

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