Curious why no 45 degree angle with passthrough?

I tried searching but curious why we can only run 0 or 90 degree angles when passthrough is enabled?
Some lasers get less banding and such when they can run at a 45 degree angle? So again, any chance this would be enabled on future updates?


Pass-through means that I’m not allowed to alter the pixels sent to the machine in any way. Running horizontally or vertically, this is trivial - every single pixel is sent to the laser exactly as is in the source image. Running at 45 degrees would require resampling, or just a lot of really clever hoop-jumping under the hood to make it work. For the relative few who would use it, it’s not likely worth the time.

That said, if you’re using pass-through with a diode, you probably think you need to use something like ImagR to “make your photos laser ready”. You don’t - you can get equal results just using the image Shape Properties and dithering modes in LightBurn.

Thanks Oz. Oddly I’m using Image-R and I’m getting banding running 0 and 90 degrees. Belts are nice and snug and not sure why but when I run thru GreyScale image untouched I get no banding what so ever running at 45 degrees. However I like using Image R and passthrough but can’t run at 45 degrees using it.

All good. Just curious.

Appreciate the reply

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