Current Position and Job Origin Understanding

I am using a NEJE Master2 Plus. Although I have read as many of the support articles as I can find, understanding the behavior of origin, start from, and job origin still confuses me. I would benefit from some additional examples. In this case (see attached lightburn lbrn2 file and photo showing the burn result), I have two concentric circles, each with a piece of text attached to those paths. I selected start from current position and job origin = center. Note that even though the green job origin is NOT in the center of the circles, I thought (or assumed) that with my settings, the burn would be relative to current laser position. I drew a circle on the burn material and place the center of that circle directly under the laser and hit start. As you can see from the result photo, the burn is treating the green indicator as the center. If that is how it is supposed to behave, what is the best way for me to accomplish what I want; namely being able to burn this information on an existing disk? Thanks for any help.

Here are the attachments

Violet.lbrn2 (50.2 KB)

It looks like you have some kind of artwork that causes this… I have selected it here… top left of image.

If I remove it… origin is back to the center…

There is also a green line near the center…


Thank you very much; that solved my problem and understanding. Also suggests that it might be good practice to do a select all to make sure there are no extraneous artifacts.

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