Current position does not line up with the green square

Hi Everyone,

not too sure if anyone has seen this before. When I create a text box (or picture) the little green box doesn’t line up with the text or graphic. If I move the text or graphic, the little green box moves as well eventually meeting up with the green square.

What must I do so that it comes out automatically? The videos I’ve seen show that it does it automatically.

thanks in advance,


Are you certain you do not have another object elsewhere on the workspace? In this case somewhere well above the current selection?

If you only want to consider the current selection for the job origin then enable both “Cut Selected Graphics” and “Use Selection Origin” in Laser window.

I’ll try that. Thank you.

I wanted to provide a follow up to this posting.

I followed berainlb advice and everything worked out great.

thank you for the assist.