Current TopWisdom development status

Hey! I’m new to LightBurn, and I’m currently looking to buy a 100W DSP-based lasercutter from Ebay.

The ones I’m looking at mostly seem to have Ruida or TopWisdom controllers. I have a few questions:

Is LightBurn support for the TopWisdom controllers out of the beta stage yet?

If not, which features have yet to be implemented? Is there a rough timeline to “full coverage”? Are there any features which may not be implemented?

Right now, I’m leaning towards purchasing a machine with a TopWisdom controller, as there are several cheapish ones available with a 6090 bed size. Do you know of any major or minor hardware differences between the TopWisdom and Ruida controllers that may impact performance?


Top Wisdom is now officially supported.
There are still some extras missing but LB is now officially supporting TopWisdom. I have a chinese Black/Red 80W with TopWIsdom controller and waited until recently so I did not had to tinker with the Chinese software that came with the machine.

I am still learning (a lot :wink: ) but so far its all good. Finding the controller while using USB connection worked on the first try!

The following are known missing:

  • Machine settings
  • Rotary setup
  • Cut through mode (IE, dwell at the start / end of a cut)
  • Dot mode
  • Power scale support for vector cutting (it does work for scans)
  • Z moves (Z offset / step per pass) during cutting (not sure if this is supported yet in hardware)
  • Network connection (USB only for now)

Any idea on a timeline for rotory setup.

Hoping in the next release or two. We might try to do a quick one to address a couple issues that have been found, and it would likely be in the one after that.

Hi Oz,

is there still any beta available to test the rotary function?

Because I got an order to make 50 mugs for a company and it would be grate if its work also with LightBurn.

Thanks Alex

The settings are in the controller itself, not the software - if you set the rotary configuration in AutoLaser it will still be enabled when running LightBurn. I have the Machine Settings working now, so you can set rotary parameters there in the same way you can with AutoLaser, but I don’t have it set to work in the Rotary Setup window yet.

TopWisdom has a bizarre way of doing the settings using a “reference length” value, and I’m trying to figure out how to plug that in to how the rotary setup in LightBurn works.

@LightBurn “Z moves (Z offset / step per pass) during cutting (not sure if this is supported yet in hardware)” I have a TL-403 Topwisdom controller. I can’t see any Z axis controls in Lightburn or a Z axis enable. Is the Z axis on the TL-403 supported, this post seems to imply there is some support. Thanks for an awesome program.

I’ll have to revisit and see if the hardware supports it the way we use it.

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Has there been any update to the Rotary function with the Topwisdom devices?

Nothing further to report publicly at this time. Sorry. We have been in the midst of a corporate move, so things have been a tad hectic, but slowly getting settled in again. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rick, same question as Kal. Has there been any update to the rotary function for Topwisdom?

i am planning on getting the VEVOR 80W CO2 laser to expand my Equipment.
Currently i run Lightburn for my Diode Lasers and my K40 with a Mini Gerbil Board inside.
All fine and good.
However the Vevor has a TopWisdom TL-410C Controller in it.
As much as i could read there are only some Features/Functions working wirth Lightburn at this time?
Or has there been any News in the last 20some Days?
I am also planning on using a Rotary in this Vevor Laser as well.
Kinda need to know, becaue i would have to get the Upgrade to the other Lightburn Version and dont really want to spend the extra Money, if it is not supported as needed.
So i would be very thankful for some Information.

The rotary function in LightBurn works exactly the same as it does with the stock TopWisdom AutoLaser software. You go to Edit > Machine Settings and change the rotary settings there.

It is only the Tools > Rotary Setup window in LightBurn that doesn’t work with TopWisdom controllers.

There isn’t a whole lot of easily available documentation for the Topwisdom controllers, but it’s also possible to add air-assist. Wiring up a rotary, if there’s no connector already, isn’t too difficult either.