Cursor Size on a UHD Monitor

I’m having a hard time using Lightburn with a UHD monitor at 3840x2160 pixels. I got it for the area I can work with. But the cursor when you try to pinpoint or grab something is so small. I’ve changed my display setting, mouse cursor size and I believe I’ve exhausted ever avenue. Is there something I’m missing?

I don’t have nearly that much monitor, but turning on Edit → Settings → Display & Units → Show full screen line cursor slapped a crosshair onto the little guy and made it a whole lot more find-able on my screen.

Also, getting used to rolling the mouse wheel (here, the trackball ring) to zoom in on something, then zooming back out again, helped solve the “grab a tiny object” problem.

But, yeah, hooray for lots of screen real estate!

EEk, I already have that check as well and zooming in and out is a must. I’m a CAD operator for almost 30 years and there’s usually something the have to scale it but this software is fairly new compare to AutoCAD or the others. Hopefully they add some scaler like the icons and the fonts. Hope someone notices this thread! :slight_smile:

Not to mention it’s only recently that mere mortals can afford the kind of huge high-res monitors you’re accustomed to using.

One of these days I may be able to share your pain. :grin:

To help locating your cursor, try the below. I’ve used it for years in training sessions where my students weren’t sure where I was pointing to on the projected screen. I just simply hit/tap the Control key and the Radar helps them find my cursor.

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