Cursor sizing issue

How can I increase the size of the cursor. The “center” circle cursor is too small for me. How can I increas the size of the cursors that allow me to identify center, line, etc.

You can’t increase the size of just those icons through LightBurn, but you can increase your entire cursor size through your Windows settings, which will also affect those LightBurn icons.

I don’t know if it helps, you can also enable “show full screen line cursor”, which will draw lines that follow your cursor to better see where your cursor is.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

I tried the suggestion but no help on the very small special icon mouse cursor shapes in LB; such as center of object, mid point of line segment, even the left hand boarder adjustment for the docked windows on the right side of screen. It seems as though these mouse pointer icons in LB are a fixed pixel size, and they don’t change relative to MS Windows system scaling. I have a 4K display set 3840 x 2160 resolution with system scaling set at 200%. Short of lowering my system resolution, what can be done ? I’d be happy to just run LB in a lower resolution but I’m not sure if that’s possible, while other Win programs run at 3840x2160. Running Win 10 and 11.

Looks like I was incorrect - I apologize. On Mac, increasing cursor size in system settings adjusts both the cursor size and the snapping icon size. On Windows, it increases the cursor size but doesn’t affect the snapping icons.

No problem.
However is there a solution for us Windows users ? Other than convert to Mac :wink:
I suppose I could run LB in a VM ?

vote here. Option to scale the snapping icons (mouse pointer) · LightBurn

Unfortunately I do not have a solution for Windows users, although a VM seems a workable option. You’ll need to send your key to to have a restriction that prevents LightBurn from running inside a VM lifted, if you’ve never run it inside a VM in the past.

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