Curved bottle sides

Hi - as you might see from the question I am new to the wonders of Lasers.
I want to engrave a bottle - I have the rotary set and can engrave to a straight sided bottle, but how do I engrave a curved sided bottle ? What is the depth of focus for the beam- how much curve will it be able to cope with before loosing a noticeable amount of power and the engraving not looking sharp.
Sorry if I have missed this elsewhere in the forum, I didn’t see it referred to anywhere.

Hi Steve
A lot depends on the focal length of the lens you are using. The normal 50mm lens has a very short depth of focus so the cut line widens very quickly. I guess within ± 1mm you still have a reasonable image but after that it depends on the detail you need for the engraving.



Thanks - I have tried downloading the document form your link but it gets stuck at 885Kb and fails to complete the download

Is it it truly curved or is fairly flat sided but tapered? If it is the latter, insert your bottle into the rotary and shim one end of the rotory up until the bottle itself is flat/parallel to the movement of the laser head.

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You could insert a level in between the bridge and the bottle to make sure it is parallel with the use of shims under the end of the rotary device to lift it. Also look down the rail to align the side to side

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Just tried the link again and downloaded fine. Have you tried again since? DO you still need the file?

Thank you - tried with Firefox this time instead of IE and it worked. Not sure why IE should jam on a pdf
Thanks again

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