Curved edge engraving

I’ve recently purchased a Chinese 50w 3050.

It cuts beautifully but engraving is a mess. It’s leaving curved inner edges and not completely filling the space it should. I’ve tried a range of settings including adjusting the speed/overscan option in the actual settings menu. Some improvement with that but still not right.

I run a K40 and Emblaser 2 with no issues so suspect it is the laser but hoping it’s a setting I’ve missed.

Any help would be appreciated!

We are missing your settings data to be able to find out :wink:
But can already see that your speed is too high, it “runs over” at both ends.

I’m not sure which settings these were as I’ve been playing for the better part of a week but I used my standard K40 settings to start with (350 LPI, 250mm/s, 25% power). If you need more info than that let me know and I can add it in.

I’ve run from 250mm/s all the way down to 50mm/s with absolutely no change in the end quality. Everything I’ve read says I should be running at minimum 300mm/s with this particular laser.

ETA, the outer lines are correct, that’s exactly where they should be. The inner parts aren’t filling correctly.

Try 25mm / s and correspondingly your power, to see the difference.
For “normal” engraving I use approx. 150 LPI with good result and 2-4% overscanning. It looks like you are engraved in the same direction as your wood fibers, it also has a big impact.

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