Curved text or text to path, how to remove path from being engraved/cut but leave text curved and shown

Hi there, I’m new to lightburn so please forgive me as this is not as obvious to me as it might be to others. I come from T2 land and have moved over to lightburn, now when I create curved text in T2 i simply draw the ellipse, add the text to the ellipse , then delete the ellipse so it doesn’t get engraved and the text remains curved on the path. Result engraved curved text.

i have watched the video several times on text to path on lightburn tutorials and for the life of me I cant see how you stop the path from being engraved, if you delete the ellipse or path the text returns to its original state so I am obviously missing something somewhere in making the ellipse or path invisible so it does not get engraved, is this part of layers or can you point me please in the right direction, I finally have TRACE Line and Fill sorted out now and thought I would move on to this and discovered I have stumbled somewhere obvious I think, thank you. I have tried searching the posts but cant seem to find the right answer that applied to my question.NeilScott94|690x403


Put your path on a different, non-output layer.


What Rick said.
Or alternately, select the text and then Edit -> Convert to Path.
The text will no longer be editable as text after that, but you can delete your circle/path and it will retain it’s shape.


thank you everyone.

I think I understand that now, it works in both ways, using Ricks way in layers you keep the text as text and can still play with it and as you say switch off the layer to output and show in the layers list and using Hank’s way you can also do it similarly to T2 but that will then turn the text in to individual objects and not text per say and make them separate objects completely.

As you say both ways work well depending on what you want to do, thank you Gentlemen another useful exercise.

I will get there in the end, its somewhat confusing for me as this is the first time I have ever used program like this and its a little alien to me to understand how things work on vectors and nodes etc.

My background is photography and Photoshop not Illustrator! Layers though I do understand…makes life very easy. Thanks again both of you for your help!! Very Happy !


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