Custom Build 80W CO2 Laser Cutter

(Caleb Chico) #1

So I present you my custom build. 80W CO2 Cutter, using a Cohesion3D Laserboard for the controller, a Windows Surface Pro 2 tablet as the computer, Lightburn as the software, GRBL. I posted about this on the Cohesion forum and Openbuilds as well, in case you have seen it already.

My initial inspiration came from the Layzor K40 upgrade build by Frederico from man made mayhem.

After a few weeks of finding that build and drooling all over it, I decided to take the plunge and design my own from the ground up. Here she is.

So near the end of 2018, I got the idea to build my own custom laser and this is the result. Overall I probably spent between $5,000 and $6,000 to build it for those of you that will be curious. There’s about $1,000 in extruded aluminum alone. A lot of money went into the looks of it, I could have cut a lot of costs if I hadn’t decided to make it see-through and RGB. The lights might be useless, but they sure look pretty.

I took a bunch of pictures during the build, here are a few showing the progress.

I’ll add more tomorrow.

(Allen Massey) #2

Very nice! That is a great frame system. Where did you source your aluminum parts?

(Joseph Shawa) #3

What is the source for your honeycomb?

(Water) #4

Wow great Job!! it looks Awesome!!!

(Dave Jones) #5

Holy heck! That thing is crazy. Great work.

(THX) #6

LightBurn Master Race! :rofl:

That’s beyond awesome. Now if only LightBurn could handle LED contro… BRB, gotta post something to

(Steven Zara) #7

Awesome build. Thanks for sharing.