Custom Extruder Behavior, Marlin modification or parse Gcode

Hello, I’ve built a powder bot. A machine that prints powder (sand and mental powder) instead of plastic. It does this by picking up different powder dispensers of my own design.

The Z axis arm that grabs the powder dispensers has a Nema 17 stepper motor attached with a special adapter. It slides it place above the powder dispensers, connecting with the top of the powder dispensers. When this motor turns 90 degrees, powder begins to flow. It’s a gravity fed system so as soon as the motor turns back 90 degrees the powder stops coming out.

I’m seeking advice on how I can accommodate this behavior in Marlin. A traditional plastic printer would turn the extruder motor when plastic should be coming out and stop it to halt the plastic from flowing through the nozzle.

Is there a way in marlin to replace all the extruder gcode output with something custom? In my case, turn +90 degrees to start printing, then do nothing until it’s time to stop printing, then -90 degrees.

My partner and I have talked about the option of just parsing the gecode our selves after it’s compiled and replacing all extruder code with what’s needed but if there’s a way to do it with standard marlin, I would think that’s better.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

You have an interesting project… I like it.

Increased GCode customization is coming to LightBurn. In the Current version, click Device, click Create Manually, then click to select Custom GCode. It’s still experimental but it should get you rolling.

Also, our new CNC product, MillMage is in testing and development.

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